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Established in 1982 as a one-man operation, A Sign Design has grown steadily and now operates from premises in East Brisbane with a talented team of employees. Founder of A Sign Design, Terry Lucas, was originally trained as a professional sales person. His philosophy when setting up the business was to be proud of the product he supplied and the company he represented. This naturally set up an attitude of quality and integrity which, over time, has rewarded the company with its share of market acceptance and a large percentage of repeat business.

The initial concept of A Sign Design’s operations was centred on sign consultancy and management of sign projects from the design/concept stage through to the final installation. To meet customer expectations and to embrace changes in technology, A Sign Design established solid working relations with quality subcontractors which were linked to the company’s own “in-house” design capabilities. The combined strength of skill and labour, coupled with the commitment to providing a quality product, has been the basis of A Sign Design’s success to date. These same subcontractors remain closely aligned today. The advent of modern digital technology and associated materials has increased in-house production and streamlined operations markedly.

The core business of the company is in servicing the property management and corporate sectors of the market as well as being involved in designing and installing new project signage for many leading companies in Australia and worldwide. The company’s existing client base is the greatest asset and something that they are very proud of.

A Sign Design’s main goal is to “Exceed the Customer’s Expectations” by combining state of the art functional product with personal, friendly and exceptionally efficient service. Going that “extra mile” is a reputation that we are very proud of. We are confident of maintaining this reputation by guaranteeing the products and service we provide; our future success depends on it.


  • Committed to quality, service and excellence;

  • Client focussed and market driven;

  • Professional;

  • Reliable;

  • Focussed on building and maintaining mutually rewarding relationships with our customers;

  • Operating in an ethical manner considering all parties.

A Sign Design is proud to guarantee the quality of its products. “You can’t overstate the value of quality”

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